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Master the Mountain designs yoga and mindfulness programs for children of all ages, and trains childhood workers to deliver them with excellence.

Strength, calm and self-acceptance for every child

At Master the Mountain we believe strength, calm and self-acceptance is the birthright of every child. We are passionate about improving the physical and psychological wellbeing of generations to come.


Founded by a qualified speech pathologist and yoga teacher

 Linda Carofano, founder and trainer

Linda Carofano, founder and trainer

A qualified speech pathologist, yoga teacher and neuro linguistic practitioner, Master the Mountain founder Linda Carofano is passionate about improving the physical and psychological wellbeing of generations to come.

Linda established Master the Mountain in 2016, having seen the profound effect that both her yoga classes and speech pathology were having on children. She noticed that when she used the two disciplines together, the children would make enormous leaps forward in terms of their physical, mental and emotional development.

Linda knew she was onto something special, and has been delighted to see the impact her work has already had on the lives of numerous children across schools and kindergartens in South Australia.


A successful, enriching outcome

At Master the Mountain, all our programs are designed in a way that is accessible and builds upon prior learning. We build our programs around scaffolded, familiar routines: offering children the opportunity to excel and gain mastery in what they do.

Our programs are designed and taught by child development specialists who are also trained in yoga and meditation. And because Master the Mountain was founded by a qualified speech pathologist, each program has a strong focus on modelling effective communication: ensuring a successful, enriching outcome for children and professionals.


Future plans

We are currently offering Master the Mountain to organisations across South Australia. We will soon be offering our programs interstate: subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

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