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Adelaide Yoga and mindfulness for children

Master the Mountain designs yoga and mindfulness programs for children of all ages, and trains childhood professionals to deliver them with excellence.

Click to see information for professionals
Click to see information for professionals

Taught by yoga, meditation and child development specialists

Our programs are designed and taught by child development specialists who are also trained yoga and meditation teachers.


Encouraging a growth mindset for children

All our programs are designed in a way that is accessible to everyone and builds upon prior learning, offering children the opportunity to excel and gain mastery in what they do.


Yoga and mindfulness classes for schools, kindergartens and more

We provide regular school classes and also offer onsite staff training, including support materials and classroom resources.

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Catherine, teacher, Clapham Primary School

My class have responded extremely well to the program. It has supported them in regulating their behaviour, manage their emotions and focus more effectively.

Catherine, teacher, Clapham Primary School

Testimonial Laura Gaskin, Mum

The focus, listening, and mindfulness attached to Master the Mountain provides a significant avenue for Gabriel to slow down, regulate and focus in the moment.

Laura Gaskin, Mum

Testimonial 2 Jodie Kingham Principal

“Staff have described how the modules are extremely helpful; in particular, the script is clear, succinct and assists them to confidently deliver the sessions.”

Jodie Kingham, Principal at Clapham Primary School

Leelu, student at Clapham Primary School

Yoga has helped me feel more positive in hard situations

Leelu, student at Clapham Primary School

Nelly, student at Clapham Primary School

Master the Mountain activities helps me feel less stressed and more focused in what I am doing. I use it to calm down when I feel angry and it works.

Nelly, student at Clapham Primary School

Testimonial Jill Staltari, Mum

A great opportunity for kids to focus on themselves and encourages them to disregard all the “noise” that goes on around them.

Jill Staltari

Free yoga and mindfulness resources for children.


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