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Yoga and mindfulness in Adelaide schools

Master the Mountain designs yoga and mindfulness programs for schools in Adelaide and beyond. We deliver them via school incursions and teacher training programs. Our programs are accessible to schools across South Australia, and will soon be available nationwide.


Focus, engagement and resilience, for every child

Research has proven that yoga and mindfulness deliver enormous physical, psychological, social and emotional benefits to school children of all ages. Its myriad benefits include:

  • Improved focus, engagement and resilience
  • Increased motor skills and spatial awareness
  • Enhanced executive function, including impulse control, flexible thinking, working memory, self monitoring and planning
Yoga and mindfulness programs for schools

Taught by qualified professionals

Master the Mountain is different to other children’s yoga classes. We have a strong focus on mindfulness techniques, and the classes are designed and taught by qualified child development professionals and speech pathologists: who also happen to be trained yoga teachers.


Yoga and mindfulness schools in Adelaide: how it works

We train professional childhood workers to deliver Master the Mountain programs in their place of work, and provide materials to support the programs. Our programs are designed for a range of settings, from schools and childcare centres to hospitals and foster homes.

You can choose from the following Master the Mountain packages:

Master The Mountain incursions
Master The Mountain staff taster session
Master The Mountain teacher training
Master The Mountain accreditation

Testimonial 1

A great opportunity for kids to focus on themselves and encourages them to disregard all the “noise” that goes on around them.

Jill Staltari

Testimonial 2

An improved ability to regulate her ‘big’ emotions, and can focus on “breathe in, breathe out” to be in the moment with herself.

Andrea Vass

Testimonial 3

The focus, listening, and mindfulness attached to Master the Mountain provides a significant avenue for Gabriel to slow down, regulate and focus in the moment.

Laura Gaskin

Testimonial 4

Concentration has improved and she knows how to ‘make her mind go quiet’. I think it’s an excellent way for children to learn how to control and improve their body and mind.

Sue Cashman

Testimonial 5

It encourages them to use both sides of their brain, develop & strengthen their balance. It’s about being the best version of you & trying your best.

Jill Staltari

Testimonial 6

As a child with a sensory issue, Master the Mountain has also helped her learn to self-soothe: she regularly uses the breathing techniques to calm herself when angry or upset.

Alli Parker-McPhee

Free yoga and mindfulness resources for children.


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