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Mindfulness and yoga for children in South Australia

At Master the Mountain we design yoga and mindfulness programs which are taught in schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other child-centred organisations, right across South Australia.

We teach our programs in schools and train teachers, youth workers, nurses and other childhood professionals to deliver them with excellence.


Healthy minds, healthy bodies

The benefits of yoga and mindfulness for children have been proven numerous times. Its many benefits include:

  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Enhanced language skills
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Improved muscle tone and flexibility
  • Enhanced joint health and balance
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Increased self-belief
Mindfulness and yoga for children

Taught by trained child development experts

All Master the Mountain classes are taught and designed by qualified yoga teachers, speech pathologists and child development professionals.

How to get involved

If you think your child’s school, kindy or other organization could benefit from Master the Mountain, there are packages available to suit every school and budget.

See our packages for more information. Or contact us to request a flyer for your school, kindy or other child-focused organisation.

Parent and child yoga and mindfulness classes in Adelaide

We also run parent and child classes at our studios in Glenelg and Modbury. Visit our studio website to find out more.

Testimonial 7

It helps me chill out and just relax. Some of the messages help me in other things like appreciating myself and trying harder.

Gabriel, age 9 years

Testimonial 8

Arabella has increased the length of time she is able to focus on activities.

Alli Parker-McPhee, mother of Arabella, age 4 years

Testimonial 9

Much more confident, and much less likely to say she can’t do something. She is more willing to speak up in a group of adults, and happier to speak up if she isn’t happy with other kids.

Megan Verwey, mother of Mya, age 7 years

Testimonial 10

Archie is calmer on Sundays more than any other day (If I could I would have him at Master the Mountain during the week too).

Megan Verwey, mother of Archer, age 4 years

Testimonial 11

Billie has developed a strong connection with her body and focuses on what her body can do, rather than what it looks like.

Andrea Vass, mother of Billie, age 6 years

Testimonial 12

Charlie has definitely improved concentration and focus. His balance has improved and I think he has gained confidence as well.

Sandy Jansen, mother of Charlie, age 4 years

Testimonial 13

Both children have more confidence to try new things. It has improved their ability to concentrate and focus, which would be a big advantage for some kids which have short attention spans.

Luke Bryant, father of Lailah, age 4 years, & Kurtis, age 3 years

Testimonial 14

Since Master the Mountain started she only refers to her body with words like: “I am strong, and look how good my balance is, or look what my body can do”.

Megan Verwey, mother of Mya, age 7 years

Testimonial 15

As a family unit we feel a bit tighter. It’s like Master the Mountain just tipped the scales and for us all back on the same page.

Megan Verwey, mother of Archer, age 4 years

Testimonial 16

She knows how to make good choices and Master the Mountain has played a part in developing this self love and self care.   

Andrea Vass, mother of Billie, age 6 years

Testimonial 17

Even after 2 yoga classes Kurtis, who is 3 years old, will often say, in daily activities “like Linda says at yoga, try again” “just like yoga, keep trying” “If something is hard, you try again.

Luke Bryant, father of Lailah, age 4 years, & Kurtis, age 3 years

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